The De Santiago family comes from a long lineage of winemakers, who believe that the human factor is fundamental in making their wine.
The family joined the region after purchasing a winery in Laguardia. Already owning land, they decided to begin to sell the fruits of their labor. For many years, Señorio de Arana was only available in the national market, that is, until the new generation came in to lend a helping hand.
Arturo de Santiago has been teaching his daughter Olatz and nephew Eder the ropes, in the hopes that they can take the winery to the next level. Olatz didn´t envision herself working in the family business until she was studying abroad in Paris. She found herself drawn to the classes about wine and returned home eager to get to work.
Arturo takes pride in in the fact that his daughter and nephew are working in the family business, and is ready to put the business in their hands. Their vision for the future is to begin to successfully export abroad and add value to their wine.
The winery works with two different labels – Viña del Oja and Sommelier.

Señorío De Arana