Rosa and Miguel have both been surrounded by the world of wine their entire lives, and by combining their knowledge and family experiences they created Pascual Larrieta, their home and winery.
The couple created their winery from the ground up, by first bottling a thousand liters and doing everything by hand, to now exporting their wines all over the world and becoming a popular destination for wine tourists.
The couple look to achieve something personal and transmit to those who appreciate their efforts, and the fruits of their labor. Quite literally.
Rosa works on the administrative side, while her husband works in the vineyards and the winery. Miguel believes that what they sell is like a living being, it is affected by those that touch it, and firmly believes that if the vines and the product are treated with care, the wine will taste better. For Pascual Larrieta, it’s all in the details.

Pascual Larrieta