Hermanos Pascual Miguel belongs to a long tradition of winemakers, who have been creating wine for over 80 years.
The winery was founded in 1990, where the business began to flourish only by word of mouth, leaning on friendships to further expand their market. Brothers Jesus and Luis founded the winery and were then joined by Jesus Mari, the family oenologist and the youngest generation to join the business.
The winery has evolved naturally, from their father selling bottles to friends into a winery that is now known for their quality wines and customer service. They winery now boasts a wide variety of wines, one of them being Amici’s, a wine dedicated to all those loyal friends that keep the business going strong.
They pride themselves in their work ethic and proximity to the client as a producer, even personally delivering wine directly to their client’s doorstep.
If you have the chance to visit the winery, the family will be delighted to show you the three different wineries that have passed through each generation, a sort of visible history that starts with the wine cave their grandfather had decades ago, ending with their newest facilities.

Hermanos Pascual