The man, the myth, the legend, Marino Bello. It all started with him. A working man. An agriculturist. A loving husband. Bello Berganzo all started with him. Marino decided to build his winery alongside his wife Isabel Berganzo from the ground up, always with his feet firm on the soil he was so familiar with. The Bello Berganzo family were taught by their parents to trust in the best tools, their hands, which they continue to do so to this day.
Their three sons, Angel, Juan Carlos and Jose Antonio now carry these traditions at the winery, but not without the help of their 90 year old father, who stops by every day to help any way he can - usually after lunch and a good card game with local friends.
Bodega Bello Berganzo uses the ¨corquete¨ as their distinguishing mark. A tool used for over two thousand years in the vineyards, and one that they still use today.

Bello Berganzo