The winery started with a young couple of oenologists falling in love, the rest was history. The family winery is now headed by their son Manuel Gomez, a 26 year old who has been traveling and working around the world for the past six years looking for ways to bring the family winery to new heights.
Belezos carries two different lines of wines. One featuring the classic wines produced by his parents and a new unique line of creative and modern estate wines that Manuel hopes will be enjoyed by younger generations.
Belezos´ looks to involve their customers in the process. That is where their wine 50/50 got its name, with the belief that they put 50% of the work and expect the consumer to put the other half by sharing their experience. For Manuel, it all comes down to making memories. You can see some of the new campaigns the winery has launched by scanning the QWERTY barcode on the bottles.
As a family they made the choice to produce a limited number of wines of great quality. Devoting themselves entirely to cultivating vines that provide them with unique wines – each one with its own particular story to tell.