In 2015, Inigo Garcia and his three siblings decided to take the family winery into the new age. After a renovation and expansion, the modern facilities have become a must see, with its impressive architectural design and lighting work. Nevertheless, the winery takes pride in its humble beginning, where their father, Amador, decided to first bottle his wine in 1982 thus giving life to what is now Bodega Amador Garcia.
You can still find Amador, now 78 years old, at the winery preparing his famous potatoes with chorizo for guests, whom he communicates with comfortably without having to speak their language. It’s that universal understanding that makes Amador Garcia timeless. Good food, good company, and even better wine.
To honor their parents the siblings created 9N, a wine representative of their nine grandchildren, full of flavor and character, just like the Garcia´s.
The Garcia siblings are devoted to carrying on their parent’s legacy and if you ever decide to visit, the family oenologist Rosa and her brothers will personally give you a tour.

Amador García