The Rioja Alavesa is located in Alava, a province of Spain and a historical territory of the Basque country. The province is distributed in to 7 counties – Añana, Ayala, Campezo, Laguardia, Salvatierra, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zuya.

The Rioja Alavesa is one of the three sub-regions into which the Rioja denomination is divided.


The Rioja Alavesa is the wine growing region that belongs to the Alava province, situated between the Cantabrian mountain range and the River Ebro. The beginning of viticulture in the region can be traced back to the Roman Era.


The region has distinguishing characteristics, such as its dry sunny climate and calcareous soil which yield wines with a fuller body and higher acidity. The Cantabria mountain range not only provides a spectacular view but also that protects the vineyards from the cold northern winds.